King of Tory

Patsy Dan Rodgers with a group of visitors at Dixon's Gallery
Dixon's gallery from the outside
Patsy Dan waiting near the harbour to greet a visitors to Tory off the Ferry boat
Patsy Dan bidding Slán go foill to departing visitors on the Ferry back to mainland Donegal
A parting view of West Town, Tory Island
The three sisters - rocks at the north of Tory Island
Unlike some monarchs in neighbouring sovereignties the King of Tory is there by general consensus of his fellow islanders. Patsy Dan revels in his position as a representative of Tory Island and carries out his ambassadorial duties with great aplomb. He greets each passenger ferry that lands and welcomes visitors 'Fáilte romhat'. Likewise, those departing the island are bade a personal 'Slán go foill'.