Tory by Patsy Dan RodgersAtlantic Birds around Tory by Patsy Dan Rodgers
Tory Lighthouse by Patsy Dan RodgersInishboffin Island by Patsy Dan Rodgers
Tau Cross on Tory at Sunrise by Patsy Dan RodgersTory Lighthouse at Sunset by Patsy Dan Rodgers
Patsy Dan Rodgers (b.1945) is preoccupied with his immediate environment. All the subjects of his painting are to be found on the island: the lighthouse, the helicopter, the boats, the villages and the early Christian remains. Preserving the history and culture of Tory is always foremost in his mind. To Patsy Dan Tory is not a bleak, ravaged and grey place but a vibrant, mystical and romantic island. He explores his attitudes and feelings for his home in strong colours, which bring an energy and excitement to his work. Patsy Dan has had his work exhibited in Edinburgh, Dublin, Paris and Belfast. In recent years Patsy took an exhibition of Tory paintings to Chicago, which was visited by 100,000 art enthusiasts. Like his mentor James Dixon, Patsy Dan has no misgivings about repeating a winning formula, although he ensures that each painting is slightly different so as not to annoy his regular clients. Some of his favourite scenes include Tory by Night and Puffins on Tor Mór. Again like James Dixon he paints the occasional picture of topical interest. Typical of these are portraits of Nelson Mandela, Mother Teresa and his great friend Derek Hill. Derek continued until his death to promote, advise and encourage Patsy Dan, even from his London apartment by telephone.

We are grateful for permission to reproduce the above text, the home page photo of Patsy Dan and pictures of the paintings of Tory Lighthouse, Inishboffin Island and Tory by Night from Jim Hunter's book 'Tory Island and its Artists' published by University of Ulster 2003.