A fantastic site, and brilliant effort. A great piece of work. Best regards!

Marianne Bonner
Hi -- Looking for any Bonners/Boners who might be distantly related. I'm a registered nurse in Philadelphia, PA. On Facebook!

Mary Anne
Just watch out for my cousins the McMenamin's...(Michael, Tucker and Paddy!). When you see them let them know I said Hello!

Megan Bonner Mohr
My cousin recently discovered your bar when she was vacationing. My maiden name is Bonner - grew up in Lancaster PA, now in Tampa Fl. Looking to come to Ireland one of these days. Will have to make it apoint to visit your tavern!!!! Looks fun!

Michael Ice Bonner
Nice pictures but I would like to visit myself. I'm from Buffalo, New York

Pats ... The Corner Bar or Shesgreens (his Ghost still resides there !!! LOL)
Aww my local bar:-)
Best Beer in town especially Guinness !! Yummy
Great friendly staff
Great Atmosphere too
Pat himself the ever gentleman with a smile on his faceand bestest barman in town if not Donegal !!!

I look forward to visiting and gulping a guinness @ Bonner's Corner Bar one day!

Sean Bonner
Woohooo! Bonners! Maybe it's the beer talking, but this blows my mind! I've never really given much thought to my genealogy but this site makes me proud of my name! Born in Atlanta Georgia, raised in San Francisco California, I now reside in San Antonio Texas. Here's hoping I can one day visit your pub! All the best!

Shane O'Donnell
Hello! Shane here, aka "The American." Hope all's well in Ballybofey and at the Corner Bar -- I hope to be over in the Fall. See you all then!